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The choice of your occupation and of the company in which you want to be trained is an important life decision. To ensure that you can later say “I made the right decision”, NIFCO KTW will support you in various ways during your orientation and help you choose the profession that’s right for you. Several possibilities are available to you:

Career fairs
Visit us at the career fairs in the districts of Weißenburg and Gunzenhausen. Here you can meet your future trainers in person and ask about all the things that interest you in a face-to-face discussion.

Trial internship
Apply for a trial internship at NIFCO KTW. Over about one week, you will get a good insight into your future role.


Girls’ Day
NIFCO KTW regularly participates in the International Girls’ Day. In Germany, today’s young female generation receives a very broad education. Nevertheless, girls still disproportionately decide on “typically feminine” occupations or fields of study when making their training and college choices. Thus they do not fully take advantage of the opportunities open to them for the future. By participating in Girls’ Day, NIFCO KTW offers female students the opportunity to obtain timely and comprehensive information on the opportunities available in technical training jobs.


Employment agency
NIFCO KTW cooperates with the local employment agency. You can therefore find our company as a potential partner on the agency’s internship list. The agency staff can inform you about the possibilities in the career you desire as part of a consultation.


Our traineeships

What do you want to do after finishing school?
What field of study best suits you?
What does your future workplace look like and what duties can you expect?
You should think about these questions early and thoroughly. In order to help you, we provide training videos that give you a direct insight into the diverse and exciting world of NIFCO KTW.



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